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Beware – Not All Electricians Are Created Equal

The list of Los Angeles electricians is lengthy and ranges from one-person handyman services to multi-level corporations. Their resources and experience vary, and when it comes to professionalism, expertise, vision and customer service, they are not all created equal.

Some Los Angeles electricians have the skills to perform electrical service but lack professionalism. From licensure and insurance to personal demeanor and polished communication skills, your electrical contractor should be someone you are confident in and feel comfortable having in your home or business. To protect yourself and your property, you should only consider contractors who are licensed and who carry insurance coverage for personal liability, worker’s compensation and property damage. Look for an electrical contractor that has developed a solid reputation among clients, developers and architects. Contractors that have been in business for many years should be able to provide a list of referrals who can attest to the contractor’s professionalism and attention to detail on projects similar to yours.

Los Angeles electricians In addition to individual electrical services, such as wiring, switchgears, lighting, fire alarm/security systems and voice and data systems, consider hiring one contractor with a comprehensive set of services. High-end projects for commercial clients and large residential properties present unique demands that exceed the experience and scope of services of many Los Angeles electricians and electrical contractors. Firms skilled and experienced in a broad range of services beyond fundamental electrical work may be able to complete demanding and complex projects without having to outsource tasks to subcontractors or specialists. Keeping the work in house can save time and money as well as improve communication and simplify design implementation.

Large contracts that require end-to-end electrical service will be well-served by a firm that understands the process from the general contractor standpoint, which includes all aspects of scheduling, drawings, client feedback, RS5, the submittal process and closeout inspections..

Forward-Thinking Vision
Electrical service technologies are constantly evolving. While some electricians focus on servicing current systems, others take a progressive approach and strive to stay up-to-date on industry trends and development, such as the latest telecommunications technology for optimized audio and video, wired and wireless technologies, energy-efficiency, integrated systems and more.

Committed to Customer Service
Los Angeles electricians All Los Angeles electricians may say they care about customer service, but the proof is in client satisfaction. Be sure to ask the references about the contractor’s responsiveness, availability and communication. Is the contractor approachable and focused on working in partnership with the client? Larger firms are often bogged down by a corporate structure that keeps the principals from being actively involved in projects. Independent contractors and small businesses may not have the resources or manpower to be able to schedule a project at a productive pace.

Tri Star Electric is a Los Angeles-based firm of licensed electrical contractors which has been in business since 1973 and has worked on many of the most prestigious commercial and residential projects in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Malibu, CA. We stand out among Los Angeles electricians for our ability to expertly manage high-end residential and large commercial renovations and deliver turnkey electrical solutions.

A forward-thinking boutique firm with principal involvement in all projects, Tri Star Electric offers both residential and commercial services with unparalleled expertise in commercial renovations, commercial build-outs and tenant improvements. Call (646) 235-9129 or email today to learn more about our leading-edge electrical services.

Residential vs. Commercial Contractors

Electric contractors are specialists in designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems for homes and businesses. From repairs and renovations to new construction and upgrades, these licensed and insured professionals are responsible for ensuring the safety, efficiency and performance of electrical systems. Since businesses and personal homes have different needs, there are some differences between residential and commercial electric contractors.

Electric contractorsCommercial Contractors Handle Work on a Larger Scope and Scale
Commercial electric contractors deal with projects that usually involve more circuits and more voltage than typical residential jobs. While 110 and 220 volts A/C are typical for homes, many commercial and industrial buildings require high voltage of 600 volts A/C or more. Both residential and commercial projects may involve wiring, lighting, electrical panels, landscape lighting, climate controls, security systems and fire alarm systems, but the extra demands of business machines and large commercial or industrial equipment can add layers of complexity that a residential contractor would not usually experience.

Commercial construction, renovation or build-out can be demanding and multifaceted. Consider whether the contractor has the skills and experience to handle all aspects of the work without the need for additional or specialty sub-contractors. A commercial contractor with a broad range of services can realize substantial cost savings over a contractor who deals primarily in residential work and who needs to budget the outsourcing of project components.

Commercial Rules and Regulations Differ From Residential Requirements
Residential buildings and commercial buildings are regulated by completely different rules and electrical code requirements. If a commercial electrical project is not completed to the defined regulations, the business may be fined or even shut down until it is brought up to code.

Commercial electric contractors can also offer expertise in understanding the standards that need to be met for a building to earn special designations, tax incentives and energy credits.

Working With Architects and General Contractors
Commercial electric contractors are often more experienced than residential contractors in working with architects, developers and general contractors. They may be more skilled at approaching projects from the general contractor viewpoint, with experience in scheduling, assessing and responding to client feedback, drafting effective electrical drawings, handling the submittal process, accurately scheduling installation and managing closeout inspections.

Facing the Challenge to Go Green
Commercial buildings account for approximately 40 percent of all energy use in the United States, and businesses are increasingly realizing that energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for their bottom line. Commercial contractors are being called upon by their clients to use new technologies, forward-thinking electrical system designs and energy-efficient products and materials to help them save on operation and maintenance costs and meet state mandates for investment in energy-reducing technology.

Electric contractorsTri Star Electric is a Los Angeles-based firm of licensed electrical contractors, which has been in business for more than 40 years. We have put our forward-thinking approach to work on many of the most prestigious commercial and residential projects in New York, New Jersey, Westchester, CT and Malibu CA.

We are fully licensed, insured and committed to providing unparalleled customer service, and our experience in commercial renovations, commercial build-outs and tenant improvements is unrivaled. Tri Star Electric prides itself in being a full-service firm with principal involvement in all projects.

Look to Tri Star Electric for your next project. Call (646) 235-9129 or email  today to learn more about our leading-edge electrical services.

The 3 Key Benefits of LED Commercial Lighting

LED commercial lighting offers businesses superior illumination that can significantly cut energy costs while enhancing design indoors or outdoors. From retail to hospitality and professional office space, commercial applications benefit from the energy-efficient LED technology that showcases products, creates atmosphere and illuminates spaces for safety and security.

Long-Term Cost Savings
LED commercial lighting If your business still uses incandescent lights, you can realize significant long-term cost-savings by switching to LED commercial lighting, even with the higher upfront cost of LED bulbs. By cutting energy use by approximately 80 percent and lasting 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, LED lighting systems offer immediate energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Even compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) don’t match the efficiency of LEDs. CFLs release about 80 percent of their energy as heat while that amount is 90 percent for incandescent lamps, compared to LED bulbs, which give off very little heat. When you consider the potential heat output throughout a large commercial setting, the LEDs can potentially cut the cost of operating an air conditioning system and the lighting system. LEDs also last longer than CFLs.

Versatility of Applications
LEDs are the total package when it comes to light bulb options. In addition to their energy efficiency, their compact size, durability, instant (and often dimmable) brightness and single-direction focus allow for diversity and creativity in the use of LED commercial applications. They are ideal for task lighting, recessed fixtures and spotlighting because they radiate their light in a specific direction, eliminating the need for reflectors or diffusers. LEDs come in a full spectrum of colors in warm, neutral and cool tones, allowing for creative lighting design that seamlessly pairs beauty and function. The crisp, clear brightness of LED bulbs and their resistance to the impact of weather makes them a natural choice for indoor and outdoor areas where security and safety are a primary concern, such as walkways, doorways and parking lots. Their powerful output can decoratively and functionally light up large spaces with fewer fixtures than other types of lighting require.

LED commercial lighting Limited Environmental Impact
In addition to its cost-saving and design features, the eco-friendliness of LED commercial lighting adds to its appeal. As consumers become more conscious of the environmental impact businesses have, switching to LED lighting is one step a company can take to become more “green.”

A Department of Energy study determined that long-life, energy-efficient LED bulbs have a smaller environmental impact than electricity-guzzling incandescent bulbs that need to be replaced more frequently. LEDs also don’t emit radiation and reduce lighting CO2 emission by up to 90 percent. Unlike fluorescents and CFLs, LEDs are recyclable and mercury-free, making disposal simpler and safer. CFLs require specific disposal methods because they are classified as hazardous waste by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For professional expertise in capturing the benefits of LED commercial lighting for your business, contact Tri Star Electric. Tri Star Electric is a Los Angeles-based firm of fully licensed and insured electrical contractors and has worked on prestigious commercial and residential projects in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and Malibu CA. With more than four decades of experience, Tri Star Electric expertly manages large commercial and residential renovations and new construction through all phases from scheduling and design through closeout inspections.

Call Tri Star Electric today at (646) 235-9129 or email joe@tristarelec to learn more about our leading-edge electrical services.

How to Choose a Contractor for Your Business

Commercial electrical contractors If your business is eyeing new construction, renovating existing space or updating infrastructure to improve energy efficiency, security or networking, you’re faced with the task of sifting through a lengthy list of commercial electrical contractors to find the one that’s right for your project. You’ll need to do your homework to find the provider who can deliver the best in safety, service and results.

Define Your Project
Start by identifying the scope of your project. Is it new construction or renovation? Will you need a contractor with experience in all aspects of the general contracting process, from initial design and scheduling to final inspection and ongoing maintenance? Do you need an assessment of existing systems to identify specific areas for improved energy efficiency and performance? Will your project involve specialized services such as fire alarm, voice and data or security systems? Does it include outdoor space, such as landscape lighting, parking lot lighting or perimeter security?

Establishing a clearly stated set of required services will allow you to more accurately determine which commercial electrical contractors can successfully complete your project on time and within budget.

Consider Experience and Expertise
Once you know what services you’ll need, look for commercial electrical contractors who can demonstrate experience and capability in delivering them. Find out how long they have been in business. An established company is likely to have a record and reputation based on projects that it has completed over the years. Look for a contractor with a professional portfolio that includes the types of work that you need done.

Commercial construction, renovation or build-out can be demanding and complex. Consider whether the contractor has the skills and experience to handle all facets of the work without the need for additional or specialty sub-contractors. An electrical contractor with a broad range of services can realize substantial cost savings over one who needs to budget the outsourcing of project components.

Verify Licenses, Insurance and Certifications
Commercial electrical contractors One of the most important ways to protect your business from potential liability during construction or renovation is to confirm that a contractor is licensed and insured in the project location. Secure a copy of the contractor’s license and insurance indemnification. Ensure that any subcontractors are also licensed and insured. If a contractor claims specialized certification, research the requirements for attaining it and the meaning of the certification within the industry. Make sure that the proposal specifies that all work will comply with the National Electrical Code and National Electrical Installation Standards as well as any additional specific requirements of state or local jurisdictions.

Check References
Ask for references and contact them to learn about their experience with the contractor’s work. Established, reputable commercial electrical contractors will have records and reputations you can research. Visit project sites for a firsthand look at the results and talk to the client about the contractor’s reliability, professionalism and responsiveness.

Consider Professionalism and Customer Service
Communication and trust are keys to a successful relationship between a client and a contractor. Look for a firm that has the resources to handle the scope and sophistication of your project but is responsive and gives you direct access to decision-makers to ensure clear communication. A professional contractor will provide you with a written estimate and project warranty with clear wording and attention to detail.

Tri Star Electric is Los Angeles and New York City’s premiere firm of commercial electrical contractors. Since 1973, we have been on the cutting edge of electrical and telecommunications innovation. Our forward-thinking professional team is known for its ability to expertly manage high-end commercial construction, renovation, build-outs and tenant improvements. A full-service boutique firm with principal involvement in all projects, we are fully licensed and insured.

As a company that is focused on providing turnkey electrical solutions for commercial clients, we understand that it is important for all remodeling and property improvement to be scheduled at a productive pace. Tri Star Electric employs a team of expert electricians who are able to plan the entire electrical renovation process from concept to delivery. Our clients have seen satisfaction with our scheduling aptitude, as we ensure to complete work as quickly as possible—with high-quality results.

Put Tri Star Electric on your short list of commercial electrical contractors for your next project. Call (646) 235-9129 or email today to learn more about our leading-edge electrical services.