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The Reason Electrical Wiring Should be Your Top Priority

Especially during this time of year, quality electrical wiring should be top priority in your household for the safety and enjoyment of your family. With the wildfires going on and the holidays around the corner, electrical safety is something to consider when plugging all of your lights and technology in for some power!


Tri Star Electric believes in safety for everyone, and a lot of your home’s safety begins with correct electrical wiring. Electrical wiring is often the last thing that a home-owner decides to upgrade, but it’s time to make the move to update your home for the safety of you and your family! Always make sure that your wiring is up to code with your area’s standards. A professional contractor is always recommended when doing any electrical wiring projects in your home. DIY projects can be dangerous and hazardous for your family. Christmas lights can be an extra load for your homes electrical wiring, so be sure to always take the safe route when using any extra electricity.

Here are a few safety precautions to take within the realm of electrical wiring, to avoid any hazardous conditions such as electrical shock or fire possibilities.

  • Make sure electrical plugs, outlets, and sockets are replaced.
    • It’s rarely thought about, but make sure to regularly replace your plugs and sockets, in order to maintain the highest level of safety with your electrical wiring.
  • Keep up to date with circuit breakers
    • Old models of circuit breakers are quickly becoming obsolete, make sure you have the latest models for your homes performance and safety.
  • Old fuse boxes
    • Fuse boxes are rarely ever on the list of “things to update” for home, but to ensure that your electrical wiring is working to its maximum quality, make sure to upgrade to a newer model if it has been years since your last switch.
  • DIY Projects
    • DIY projects can definitely save you some money, but often times the electrical wiring installations are both unsafe and unregulated. Stay up to code and always hire a professional.
  • Wrong Wiring
    • Old, aluminum wiring is out of date, make sure that your electrical wiring is upgraded to all copper wires to get the most out of your electricity.

Bad electrical wiring is rarely thought about, but especially in today’s current fire conditions, along with the extra use of electricity around the holidays, it’s always better to be safe than sorry with your home or business’ electrical wiring. A professional contractor is always a good idea to get things right the first time. Dealing with bad electrical wiring can be a headache, so save yourself the stress and ask for a little help!


Tri Star electric offers services for electrical renovations, fire alarm systems, electrical wiring for new construction, voice and data systems, design and build, lighting systems, services upgrades, electrical switchgear. All buildings constantly need updates to their electrical wiring, Tri Start electric can offer top notch renovations for all of your electrical needs.


Keep safe during all seasons, including the holidays, and make sure your electrical wiring is safe, and top quality!