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Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles: 5 Tips to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles: 5 Tips to Make Your Building more Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability have become hot topics for home and business owners. Consequently, each year, buildings with commercial electric lighting consume roughly 36% of our nation’s electricity. Take a look at these 5 tips to make your building more energy efficient and to save money!

Examine Current Energy Use

Commercial Electric Lighting, Observation

Take a few moments to walk around the office and observe how your employees are using the building’s commercial lighting and energy.

  • First of all, do your employees have a space heaters?
  • Do your employees have holiday decorations plugged into their desks?
    • Consider having office decorations in a central location so employees wont have to decorate their desks as much.
  • Finally, change office culture towards one that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
    • As a result, everyone in your office can do their small part to help achieve the greater good.

Shut the system down

Commercial electric lighting in Los Angeles, Motion detector lights

Use system protocols for your network. Utilizing these programs will cause all computers that are not being used to turn off. Additionally, a similar kind of system can be used for the office lights as well- motion detector system would be a great choice.

When the sensor does not detect any motion, the lights will turn off. Therefore efficiency is increased. As soon as motion is picked up by the sensors, the lights will be reactivated; illuminating the room once more. Employees who are burning the midnight oil would simply have to wave their hand, or walk into a room to turn on the lights or move their computer mouse to bring their desktop back to life.

Efficient Lighting

Efficient commercial lighting might be the simplest, yet most effective way to increase energy efficiency in your building. Home and business owners can swap out their incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents or LED bulbs to get the most bang for their buck. I addition, it would benefit home and business owners to spread out their lighting fixtures to cover the same amount of area with more efficient bulbs. Furthermore, walls painted with lighter colors would increase the effectiveness of the lights- brightening up the entire room.

Commercial electric lighting Los Angeles, LED lights

Conduct an Audit

Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles, Electrical Audit, Professional Services Consider hiring a commercial electric lighting professional to examine your business and conduct an energy audit. The audit they perform will reveal vital insights, opportunities and threats in your heating/ cooling system, commercial electric lighting and other areas to increase energy savings and efficiency. A professional commercial electric lighting service can shine a light on problem areas and suggest energy saving recommendations for your system.

Change the Design

Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles

The layout of your commercial space could be more energy efficient. If you are planning a renovation in the near future, make sure to use the results of your energy audit to implement a lighting design that promotes airflow and light to be more efficient. Simple changes in lighting design and layout could have huge benefits for your home or business.

Commercial Electric Lighting LA: Cutting-Edge Trends for 2018

Los Angeles Commercial Electric Lighting: Cutting-Edge Trends For 2018

Lighting can drastically alter the atmosphere of a commercial space. In business, lighting aesthetics can be the deciding factor for potential customers to your store. It can improve productivity of employees and keep customers satisfied – in other words, it can make or break a business. With ever-increasing advances in technology, it is increasingly important to be aware of the different commercial lighting technologies that are available, and to choose the best fit for your property and concept. Here are some of the most popular and up-and-coming commercial electric lighting trends for 2018.

Motion Sensors

Otherwise known as occupancy sensors or vacancy sensors, these automatic lights can detect movement and switch on or off in response. For commercial spaces that involve people moving in and out of rooms, this is a huge energy cost benefit and also gives businesses a more modern and sleek feel. As a result, many businesses have been making the transition towards motion-sensing lighting systems, and we expect to see most commercial spaces exhibit such financially savvy and polished electric lighting systems in 2018.

Motion sensor commercial electric light design
Motion-sensing conference room light design

Interactive Lighting

Retailers are increasingly turning to interactive, smart lights with which to enhance the customer experience. LED lights that change color upon touch, tempo, or movement, for example, heightens attraction to commercial spaces. Attraction and interaction leads to longer time spent in the commercial space, which leads to greater likelihood of purchase.

In 2018, commercial electrical lighting will see a movement towards a heightened user experience – lighting not simply for practicality, but for engagement and fun!

Interactive LED light
Interactive LED dining table light design

 Natural Lighting

It can get claustrophobic sitting in an artificially-lit and windowless room all day. Just as the overall trend regarding health and wellness continues, lighting trends have followed with increasing interest and exploration with daylight harvesting.

What does daylight harvesting mean electricity-wise? With the addition of motion sensors and occupancy sensors, it is easy to conserve electricity usage, a large financial benefit for businesses. Dynamic sensors can also add to the lighting system in your building by automatically dimming or turning off lights according to the amount of daylight that is entering the room. New LED technology even can imitate the colors and temperatures of natural sunlight for spaces with smaller or few windows.

Natural commercial light
Natural lighting design for a commercial work space

Industrial Light Design

One hot trend that we expect to continue this year in 2018 is the industrial lighting trend – using raw materials to give off an unfinished look. Using minimalist colors like black, white, metallic colors and wood, these lighting systems are surprisingly versatile and can give off anything from a cool warehouse vibe to a sleek geometric look.

commerical industrial electric lighting
Raw industrial design-inspired lighting

Customer Service

Tri Star Electric has brought its expertise on lighting design trends for residential and commercial electric lighting projects throughout Los Angeles since 1973. If you are looking for cutting-edge electrical lighting installation, renovation, upgrades and improvements, the team at Tri Star electric is for you.

Commercial Electric in Los Angeles: The Impact of Lighting In The Workplace

Commercial Electric in Los Angeles: Conditions of An Ideal Workplace

Light has an enormous impact on us and how we perceive our world. In recent years, studies have shown that the different qualities of light have various effects on people. Tri Star Electric is the premier commercial electric service in Los Angeles, CA.

Commercial Electric in Los Angeles

Benefits of good lighting:

Good lighting fosters pleasant working conditions in both, a functional and atmospheric way. Satisfaction and performance will improve among your employees with exposure to proper sunlight, as well as a well lit office space. Additionally, productivity can increase with commercial electric solutions in Los Angeles, such as Tri Star Electrics.

  1. Social Communication and Physical Wellbeing —  A well illuminated space can impact the way people interact with one another. Commercial lighting in office spaces should foster an environment that promotes collaboration and socialization among its employees. Blue enriched white light stimulates the brain, heightens awareness improves performance as well as sleep quality. Studies have also shown that intensity, as well as color temperature of color temperature of artificial lights affects physiological processes of the human body, including: Blood pressure, heart rate variability, core temperature and the central nervous system. Commercial electric office lighting
  2. Optimal Lighting For Your Space— Studies have shown that the best type of office lighting to boost productivity is natural sunlight. Unfortunately, the sun is only up for so many hours in a day, and winter months are tarnished with darkness.  If you can’t have natural sunlight in your office, the next best thing would be to imitate it. Artificial lights with  5000K – 7000K (K = Kelvin, unit measurement for how color temperature is measured), emulate the day light colors best.  To give the best perception of daylight in your office space, use bulbs with with color temperature of 5000K or more. Temperatures 5000K + emit light with blue-ish tint. Lights with higher color temperatures have a greater impact on mental activity, alertness, and the central nervous system.

Commercial electric in Los Angeles: Kelvin chart

Ways to improve office lighting:

There are plenty of ways to improve the lighting in your office. Not only will you cut costs on electricity bills, but your employees will also perform at a higher rate. Sometimes people don’t realize that simple changes like lighting, can lead to major benefits for one’s business.

Commercial Electric Los Angeles: improve indoor lighting


  1. Install energy saving lights in your office –> If you have a small office space, consider installing smart lightbulbs, that can be controlled via mobile device/ app. The ability to control light temperatures throughout the day  with the touch of a button can help maintain a healthy workplace.
  2. Lighting color is important to consider when choosing lighting to help keep a safe and healthy workplace.
  3. Replace flickering fluorescent lights- this could be a distraction for your employees.
  4. Reduce shadows by using over head lighting
  5. Understanding that different tasks require various levels of light is another important component to consider.

Building owners and managers have the potential to add value, reduce costs and enhance employee performance through the utilization of proper lighting. If your business is ready to improve its commercial electric lighting, contact Tri Star Electrics. Our company can work with your existing installation, or we can redesign a new lighting design for your space.

Commercial Electric modern lighting fixtures

Industrial Electrical Contractors Los Angeles: How to Put Safety First

When industrial electrical contractors work on a project, safety is often at their utmost importance. Throughout the entire project, they are constantly thinking of how to work safe, and get the best result. Whether its home improvement or a huge commercial renovation, electrical contractors from Tri Star Electric guarantee that the project will be finished in a timely manner to ensure the customer’s happiness.

#1: Use proper care when handling tools

Power tools can be extremely sensitive, especially when used outdoors. But, even indoors they do tend to pose some threats. In addition, projects have multiple steps, and if you are not careful, you may skip some of the basic steps contractors were taught since day one. That is why Tri Star Electric always has a fully outlined plan to ensure that the tools used on the site will be handled correctly. For example, make sure to unplug your tools before washing them off after a big lawn project out in the dirt. You should also check the cord for problems every now and then. It is so easy to accidentally nick a cord, especially if it is brittle and aging. With long extension cords, instead of repairing the frays in the wire, always replace them instead. There is never a time when an electrical contractor should put quickness over safety.

#2: Always anticipate the things you cannot see

Have you ever run into a problem when dealing with indoor projects? Of course, everyone has. But, have you ever drilled directly into a water line…hopefully not! There is a time and a place for electrical contractors to do a quick demolition, but that is not always the best option when modifying a space from the inside. When handing inside residential or commercial repairs, many contractors tend to overlook the basics. Always remember that there is something on the other side of the wall. Cutting into a wall, or even hanging up a TV using drills can be dangerous without having proper knowledge of the interior layout. Sometimes, yes, it can be a simple fix if you are working on the upper floors of a building, but only experienced electrical contractors know how to be careful on ground floors or even the basements of a structure.

#3: Use caution with pressure washers

After a project is done, the sensible thing to do is clean up the entire space and go celebrate right? Nope, actually you’re still not done using safety tips! When you’re using a pressure washer or a wet-dry vacuum, you are putting yourself at even higher risk of electrocution. If these tools have any sign of tearing in the cord, that means its extremely unsafe to use, and best to put away.

At Tri Star Electric, we hold ourselves to be the best electrical contractors in Los Angeles, and we hope keep making our customers happy for years to come. It’s hard to keep every detail in mind, but safety is always and forever will be a main concern.

Commercial Electrical Contractors In Los Angeles: Don’t Worry About Your Next Inspection

When you are not hiring professionals to fulfill your electric needs, you can’t guarantee every requirement is met. You might be anxious about your next inspection, hoping you did everything correctly. If you choose to work with one of our contractors, you are given the knowledge of experienced commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles. All of our reputable experience is how we produce such quality work. We know the requirements they are looking for to be met and what it takes to get there. After we are finished with your space, there will be no worries the next time you get inspected. You can confidently show the inspector the work of the best commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles.

Commercial Electrical Contractors in Los Angeles: Don’t Worry About Your Next Inspection

We offer multiple services that will end with quality results that will pass any electrical inspection without fail. Next time you find yourself needing any electric service, think of all that commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles from Tri Star Electric can offer to improve your project.


It’s easy to think you can perform seemingly electric renovations on your own. There are many DIY guides that make it seem like an easy task; however, these renovations should not be done without adequate knowledge. To do this properly and guarantee you will pass the inspection, you need to hire professional commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles.

New Construction

Electrician in Los Angeles

New construction is expensive; it can be tempting to cut corners to reduce costs in any areas. These foundational decisions may not seem important; however, later on it could cost you more than what you saved by cutting corners. Hire commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles to ensure that your new construction project meets all of the industry’s standards.

Service Upgrades

Progressive changes in technologies often require upgrades to existing infrastructures. You need to make sure you are keeping updated with current industry standards. Upgrading your current services will let your customers know that you are up to date with the latest trends and services, giving you credibility. Let us help you take your business to the next level in addition to meeting all the requirements necessary.

Systems Installations

Tri Star offers multiple services of system installations. The commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles that we will send you will ensure that each installation is quality and that it follows all the current code requirements.

Lighting Systems

Let us improve your building’s lighting systems. By working with us, you can improve the design of your space to become more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, we can also make your lighting system more efficient and decrease your electric bill.

Voice and Data Systems

Stay up to date with the latest telecommunication devices. Impress your customers with quality systems that we have the knowledge to implement in your business. Taking advantage of this technology will improve communication and efficiency throughout your space.

Fire Alarm Systems

Ensure your building’s fire alarm systems align with the codes. Slacking in this area could result in a fire that could cause you an enormous amount of money and put all your employees and customers in danger. Prevent fire damage with our state of the art fire alarm systems.

As you can see, Tri Star Electric offers many services that will ensure quality results. Commercial electrical contractors in Los Angeles will provide work that will never make you worry before an electrical inspection again.


Electrical Contractors in Los Angeles: How to Simplify your Decision

Finding the right electrical contractors can be a daunting task. It is difficult to weight options on subjects and topics that you have little to no knowledge in. Often times, the complicated wording of an electrical contractor can intimidate people into thinking they know what they are doing. There are so many components that go into pick the right company for the job. Who has the best electrical renovations for both residential and commercial project? Can they do tenant Improvements and start from scratch? How do I know I’m getting the best deal and the best quality? To that, we say trust the experts.


All our work done with the reputation that we hold very highly. We have the resources and power to use state of the art technology and make something functional and beautiful. Tri Star Electric has a wide customer base includes architects, contractors, property owners, and developers across the state and the country. The reason for this is because we know that electrical contractors in Los Angeles need to have the total package. In other words, your entire project can be taken care of under one team and on company. Rather than searching to find someone to tackle residential projects, then commercial projects, and then even updating the fire alarm system, Tri Star Electric offers everything you need under one roof.


Tri Star Electric started in 1973, and since then, it has become LA’s premiere electrical contractor service. Throughout the long duration of our existence we overcame adversity to give our customers the best possible outcome they were looking for since the initial start of the project. We combine professionals, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail to produce the most pristine project outcomes.

Our services include:

  • Electrical Renovations for both Residential and Commercial Projects
  • Tenant Improvements / Build Outs / Fit Outs
  • Fire Alarm System Upgrade and Installation
  • Voice and Data Systems
  • Lighting System Installation
  • Service Upgrades
  • Electrical Switchgear Services


Why choose Tri Star Electric? We’ll let our experience speak for itself. Being an electrical contractor in Los Angeles has allowed us to experience some of the most amazing projects. For example, working on the Stella McCartney Corporate Office allowed us to express our customers style and functionality. Using decorative and energy efficient lighting, power wiring, gfi outlets, decor outlets, fire alarms, electrical service and panel, we were able to give this space the update it desperately needed! Let us transform your space after you chose the best electrical contractors in Los Angeles.

Home Wiring: Why You Need More Outlets

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the lack of outlets in your home? Many rooms have the bare minimum and they seem to never be in the right place. Tri Star Electric can fix all of these problems. Home wiring new outlets will make your life easier with the convenience of more strategically placed outlets. It will also make your home safer, less cluttered, and more attractive.

Home Wiring: Why You Need More Outlets

When building a home, it is common for contractors to install the minimum amount of electrical outlets per room. Tri Star Electric truly cares about each customer. We want to improve your life by paying attention to small details when home wiring, by taking each individual’s habits and needs into consideration. We have the intentionality to realize these needs and the expertise to meet them. We’re pros at home wiring and will ensure that this process meets all the safety codes and measures to make your life less stressful.

It makes life more convenient

Think of all the times that you need a charge, but the outlet is too far away. It sounds like a “first world problem”, but it disrupts your productivity. These annoyances build up and cause an inconvenience that can be easily avoided with a simple home wiring. Here are just a few ideas for areas in your home that could use additional outlets:

Kitchen island

It’s almost like the builders of your home thought you only owned a toaster and a blender. Let us add more for all your kitchen appliances along the wall or even on the side of an island. Utilize all the space you have instead of being crammed into a corner with two outlets!


Modern interior design promotes a more open floor concept using the furniture to separate areas, rather than having it shoved up against walls. This means the nearest outlets for lamps, clocks, and phone chargers seem to be a mile away. An easy fix to this problem is to install outlets on the floor for easy access.


This would be especially useful around the holidays. Think of the cute lights and decorations you could add above your fireplace with this addition.

Bathroom drawers

Additional outlets in bathrooms seem like a no brainer, but have you thought about installing them into your drawers? This prevents cluttered counter tops and cords from slipping into a wet sink.

Outdoor patio

Imagine this: all your friends and family outside on a well lit patio, with fully charged phones, listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker, and checking the score of the big football game on your outdoor TV. Sounds nice, huh? We can make it happen. Don’t forget how handy these outlets will come in during the holiday season when you’re putting up house lights!

High on wall

The nice flat screen TV on your wall would look exponentially better without draping cords coming under it connected to extension cords, am I right?

Home office

In the common household, it is not rare for one of the members to work out of home full time or partially. This probably wasn’t in the contractor’s mind when the home was being built. Make working at home less hectic with the adequate amount of outlets for all your needs and make it feel like a quality workspace.

It makes your home safer

Obviously homeowners want their home to be safe. A lot invest in security cameras or home alarm systems; but what if the danger wasn’t coming inside, but instead already in the house? Many are unaware of the dangers that come with using extension cords and power strips. We want our customers to feel 100% safe in their homes, which is why we offer home wiring to ensure their safety. Here are some concerns that may resonate with you for why additional outlets will make your home safer:

Trip hazard

The excessive use of power strips and extension cords means long cords going all over your house. This creates a dangerous environment that could cause someone to trip. This is an unnecessary concern and can be easily fixed.

Fire hazard

It’s important to use an expert when home wiring, because we know how to not overload a circuit. We can ensure that it’s safely installed to prevent fires.

Electrical burns

Power strips are not kid and pet friendly. They invite wandering fingers and paws and mouths to play with it, which can lead to serious electrical burns. Don’t risk it and fix this problem and protect your little ones.

It makes your home more attractive  

Declutter your walls, counters, bathroom, office, etc. and instantly make your home more attractive. Wires and cords everywhere are not aesthetically pleasing and throw off all other interior design. Don’t let these ugly cords distract your guests from the hard work you have put into your beautiful home!

Tri Star Electric wants you to have the most beautiful, safe, and convenient home possible. If you are interested in more outlet installations, contact us for a home wiring specific to your needs!








Electrical Installation: How to Give Your Outdoor Space an Update

Electrical installations control how a particular space is viewed. If you have been a long time home owner, you know that it is often difficult to give equal attention to all parts of a home. Likewise, it is often difficult to ensure that your outdoor space is in the most pristine condition at all times. Whether its the backyard or the the front lawn, lighting can completely change the way a space is viewed and received by its visitors.

Types of Lighting

There are many types of lights that can be installed to brighten up a space that was once pitch black. Flood lights can blast a wide spanning light onto a large area. These types of lights are most common for preventing and protecting against robbery. Landscape Lights can look beautiful while also providing the perfect amount of light for a terrace or balcony. Motion sensory lights are perfect for those areas that need to be lit for a shorter amount of time. These are useful for pathways or right outside the front door.

Having the right electrical installation can be the perfect accessory to add warmth and style to an originally cold location of the house. Most importantly, this should not be a DIY project to tackle on your free weekends. Leave it up to the professionals to create a beautiful space while also maintaining safety, stability, and attractive qualities that fit your home’s personality.

Lighting Fixtures

The first step in redesigning your outdoor aesthetic is to chose the lighting fixtures that you prefer. During the process of electrical installation, you will be able to decide what fixtures you would like to see in your outdoor space, and how you want them to be controlled. You can set them up by remote, switch operation, or even automatically at a certain time during the day. This last option is usually preferred when the lights are supposed to come on for a regulated set period of time. A more advanced option would be to use a light sensor to adjust the lights according to the sunset and sunrise.

The Perfect Installation

Once the plans are set, its our job to make sure that the installation goes exactly as planned, and more importantly, that the result is exactly what you are looking for. After connecting all the lights to a circuit, it will then be set up with your desired control mechanism. With Tri Star Electric, whether it is inside or outside, we will be sure to leave the modified area in great condition with no unattractive wires hanging around in plain view.

Outdoor fixtures are not just for style. They can serve a wide array of purposes like highlighting the beauty of custom plants on a pathway, marking walkways for late at night, and also security. Electrical installation of lighting is the perfect addition to any home inside and out.

Lighting Installation: Why You Need an Expert’s Help

Do you look around the room and feel like it is missing something? When creating a space, it is so easy to overlook the lack of correct lighting. Lighting is one of the most crucial factors for homes and businesses. At Tri Star Electric, we are the experts – so whether it is your home, your office space, or your business, we can do a lighting installation that will make an incredible difference. Let us take your renovation or construction project to the next level with a lighting installation to complete the vision you dreamed your space to be. Our quality contractors can perform a lighting installation specific to your needs that will increase your area’s ambience, sustainability, affordability, and visibility. Keep reading below to open your eyes to the three benefits that using an expert can offer.

Lighting Installation: Why You Need an Expert’s Help

Anyone can put some lights up; however, it takes an expert to perform a quality lighting installation that will give you the results you want. After hearing about Tri Star Electric’s contractor’s methods of lighting installation, you will be shocked you ever thought about installing lighting from anyone but an expert.


Our experience says it all. Take a look at the Gallery tab on our website. Over 40 years of lighting installation experience is plenty of time to observe the waves in design trends and strategies. Throughout years of gaining knowledge, we have developed a unique perspective that can be applied to any specific lighting situation. We know the ideal lighting techniques to best utilize every part of your space. Many people overlook the importance of an aesthetically pleasing lighting design. It is truly an art, and we have mastered it. The power good lighting has in a room is astonishing – it can change the entire ambience dramatically.


Not only are our years of experience helpful with our eye for design, but also our methods. We have established the safest and easiest ways to do a lighting installation in various situations. This is a crucial reason to use an expert, because the average person is not aware of certain safety precautions needed to be taken. Not only is safety during installation important, but also we provide a safe environment post installation that is in accordance with industry standards.


We pride ourselves in utilizing the many benefits LED lights have to offer. LED lights are a lot more efficient compared to fluorescent and incandescent systems. You get the most from your investment in lighting and take advantage of the most eco-friendly choice. With LED lighting installation, you can create the most beautiful designs and receive great functionality, without the annoying noises or excessive heat that come with other lighting choices. After reading about why an expert’s help is crucial to the lighting for your renovation or construction, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, sit back and relax, and let us experts complete your vision with a quality lighting installation.