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Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles: 5 Tips to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles: 5 Tips to Make Your Building more Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability have become hot topics for home and business owners. Consequently, each year, buildings with commercial electric lighting consume roughly 36% of our nation’s electricity. Take a look at these 5 tips to make your building more energy efficient and to save money!

Examine Current Energy Use

Commercial Electric Lighting, Observation

Take a few moments to walk around the office and observe how your employees are using the building’s commercial lighting and energy.

  • First of all, do your employees have a space heaters?
  • Do your employees have holiday decorations plugged into their desks?
    • Consider having office decorations in a central location so employees wont have to decorate their desks as much.
  • Finally, change office culture towards one that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
    • As a result, everyone in your office can do their small part to help achieve the greater good.

Shut the system down

Commercial electric lighting in Los Angeles, Motion detector lights

Use system protocols for your network. Utilizing these programs will cause all computers that are not being used to turn off. Additionally, a similar kind of system can be used for the office lights as well- motion detector system would be a great choice.

When the sensor does not detect any motion, the lights will turn off. Therefore efficiency is increased. As soon as motion is picked up by the sensors, the lights will be reactivated; illuminating the room once more. Employees who are burning the midnight oil would simply have to wave their hand, or walk into a room to turn on the lights or move their computer mouse to bring their desktop back to life.

Efficient Lighting

Efficient commercial lighting might be the simplest, yet most effective way to increase energy efficiency in your building. Home and business owners can swap out their incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents or LED bulbs to get the most bang for their buck. I addition, it would benefit home and business owners to spread out their lighting fixtures to cover the same amount of area with more efficient bulbs. Furthermore, walls painted with lighter colors would increase the effectiveness of the lights- brightening up the entire room.

Commercial electric lighting Los Angeles, LED lights

Conduct an Audit

Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles, Electrical Audit, Professional Services Consider hiring a commercial electric lighting professional to examine your business and conduct an energy audit. The audit they perform will reveal vital insights, opportunities and threats in your heating/ cooling system, commercial electric lighting and other areas to increase energy savings and efficiency. A professional commercial electric lighting service can shine a light on problem areas and suggest energy saving recommendations for your system.

Change the Design

Commercial Electric Lighting in Los Angeles

The layout of your commercial space could be more energy efficient. If you are planning a renovation in the near future, make sure to use the results of your energy audit to implement a lighting design that promotes airflow and light to be more efficient. Simple changes in lighting design and layout could have huge benefits for your home or business.

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