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Commercial Electric Lighting LA: Cutting-Edge Trends for 2018

Los Angeles Commercial Electric Lighting: Cutting-Edge Trends For 2018

Lighting can drastically alter the atmosphere of a commercial space. In business, lighting aesthetics can be the deciding factor for potential customers to your store. It can improve productivity of employees and keep customers satisfied – in other words, it can make or break a business. With ever-increasing advances in technology, it is increasingly important to be aware of the different commercial lighting technologies that are available, and to choose the best fit for your property and concept. Here are some of the most popular and up-and-coming commercial electric lighting trends for 2018.

Motion Sensors

Otherwise known as occupancy sensors or vacancy sensors, these automatic lights can detect movement and switch on or off in response. For commercial spaces that involve people moving in and out of rooms, this is a huge energy cost benefit and also gives businesses a more modern and sleek feel. As a result, many businesses have been making the transition towards motion-sensing lighting systems, and we expect to see most commercial spaces exhibit such financially savvy and polished electric lighting systems in 2018.

Motion sensor commercial electric light design
Motion-sensing conference room light design

Interactive Lighting

Retailers are increasingly turning to interactive, smart lights with which to enhance the customer experience. LED lights that change color upon touch, tempo, or movement, for example, heightens attraction to commercial spaces. Attraction and interaction leads to longer time spent in the commercial space, which leads to greater likelihood of purchase.

In 2018, commercial electrical lighting will see a movement towards a heightened user experience – lighting not simply for practicality, but for engagement and fun!

Interactive LED light
Interactive LED dining table light design

 Natural Lighting

It can get claustrophobic sitting in an artificially-lit and windowless room all day. Just as the overall trend regarding health and wellness continues, lighting trends have followed with increasing interest and exploration with daylight harvesting.

What does daylight harvesting mean electricity-wise? With the addition of motion sensors and occupancy sensors, it is easy to conserve electricity usage, a large financial benefit for businesses. Dynamic sensors can also add to the lighting system in your building by automatically dimming or turning off lights according to the amount of daylight that is entering the room. New LED technology even can imitate the colors and temperatures of natural sunlight for spaces with smaller or few windows.

Natural commercial light
Natural lighting design for a commercial work space

Industrial Light Design

One hot trend that we expect to continue this year in 2018 is the industrial lighting trend – using raw materials to give off an unfinished look. Using minimalist colors like black, white, metallic colors and wood, these lighting systems are surprisingly versatile and can give off anything from a cool warehouse vibe to a sleek geometric look.

commerical industrial electric lighting
Raw industrial design-inspired lighting

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