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Commercial Electricity Los Angeles: A Guide To Light Layering

Commercial Electricity Los Angeles: A Guide to Light Layering

Commercial Electricity Los Angeles

Why is layering important?

Commercial Electricity Los Angeles. Firstly, understanding light layering is how you create the desired atmosphere in your space. In the world of layering light, designers are concerned with combining different kinds of lights to create a particular mood or feel. Not only domestic interiors use layered light to achieve a desired atmospheric effect. For centuries, churches have combined lamps, torches, chandeliers, stained glass windows and candles to make beautiful sanctuaries. Additionally, restaurants, and even pubs, do the same to create a special ambience.

In the home, layering lights help bring a room to life; adding versatility and flexibility. Lighting can be functional, practical, or decorative. Light layering allows for emphasis on different aspects for different purposes.

Mixing and matching various light sources can transform your daytime room into an elegant space for entertaining in the evening.

The Three Main Types of Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Commercial Electricity Los Angeles

Ambient lighting is considered general illumination; the ind you need to move your t switch. way around a room without bumping into the furniture. In most homes, ambient lights are the ones controlled by the switches on the walls.¬†Ambient lighting is like the canvas on which you paint your overall light, ‘picture’.

Accent Lighting

Commercial Lighting Los Angeles

Accent lighting is used for aesthetic purposes-  it allows you to highlight different parts of your room, or features like pictures, fireplaces, or standout pieces of furniture.

These fixtures are also known as, “directional lighting” because they are positioned lamps or small recess lights. In addition to positioned lamps, these lights also come in the form of wall sconces and chandeliers.

If ambient lighting is your canvas, then accent lights are your personalizations. This draws attention to the parts of the room you want people to see. Typically, accent lights should be roughly 3 times stronger than ambient lights

Task Lighting

Commercial Electric Los Angeles

Task lighting is considered, “practical light”. This means that when you’re performing specific tasks , you can see what you are doing.

Desk lights illuminate your keyboard; pendant lights hanging from the kitchen ceiling prevent you from chopping off your fingers; vanity lights in the bathroom save you from poking your eyes out, and so on.

Lighting design suggests that you can use task lights in conjunction with ambient or accent lighting to improve/create an overall atmosphere.

Creating Your Layers

No that we have covered the three different kinds of lighting- ambient, accent and task- we can explore how to balance the layers of light to manipulate the overall look and feel of the room.

Planning flexible combinations of lights can make transform your space into one that is versatile. For example, use light dimmers to set the ambience the exact ambience of the room.

Tips for Layering Light

Commercial Electricity Los Angeles

Use lamps for All Types of Light

Lamps are the secret weapon in interior design,  and can be used for all three kinds of lights. Floor lamps can serve as ambient light, or task lighting for reading, or accent light when positioned under a particular piece of furniture. Another pro of using lamps is that they are easily moved around; providing even greater flexibility in your lighting design.

Keep in Mind Natural Light

Don’t forget about the the presence of natural light in a room when designing your layers. Does your room have large windows? Natural light is great during the daytime, but its important to have lamps and other lights for when the sun goes down.

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