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Commercial Electric in Los Angeles: The Impact of Lighting In The Workplace

Commercial Electric in Los Angeles: Conditions of An Ideal Workplace

Light has an enormous impact on us and how we perceive our world. In recent years, studies have shown that the different qualities of light have various effects on people. Tri Star Electric is the premier commercial electric service in Los Angeles, CA.

Commercial Electric in Los Angeles

Benefits of good lighting:

Good lighting fosters pleasant working conditions in both, a functional and atmospheric way. Satisfaction and performance will improve among your employees with exposure to proper sunlight, as well as a well lit office space. Additionally, productivity can increase with commercial electric solutions in Los Angeles, such as Tri Star Electrics.

  1. Social Communication and Physical Wellbeing —  A well illuminated space can impact the way people interact with one another. Commercial lighting in office spaces should foster an environment that promotes collaboration and socialization among its employees. Blue enriched white light stimulates the brain, heightens awareness improves performance as well as sleep quality. Studies have also shown that intensity, as well as color temperature of color temperature of artificial lights affects physiological processes of the human body, including: Blood pressure, heart rate variability, core temperature and the central nervous system. Commercial electric office lighting
  2. Optimal Lighting For Your Space— Studies have shown that the best type of office lighting to boost productivity is natural sunlight. Unfortunately, the sun is only up for so many hours in a day, and winter months are tarnished with darkness.  If you can’t have natural sunlight in your office, the next best thing would be to imitate it. Artificial lights with  5000K – 7000K (K = Kelvin, unit measurement for how color temperature is measured), emulate the day light colors best.  To give the best perception of daylight in your office space, use bulbs with with color temperature of 5000K or more. Temperatures 5000K + emit light with blue-ish tint. Lights with higher color temperatures have a greater impact on mental activity, alertness, and the central nervous system.

Commercial electric in Los Angeles: Kelvin chart

Ways to improve office lighting:

There are plenty of ways to improve the lighting in your office. Not only will you cut costs on electricity bills, but your employees will also perform at a higher rate. Sometimes people don’t realize that simple changes like lighting, can lead to major benefits for one’s business.

Commercial Electric Los Angeles: improve indoor lighting


  1. Install energy saving lights in your office –> If you have a small office space, consider installing smart lightbulbs, that can be controlled via mobile device/ app. The ability to control light temperatures throughout the day  with the touch of a button can help maintain a healthy workplace.
  2. Lighting color is important to consider when choosing lighting to help keep a safe and healthy workplace.
  3. Replace flickering fluorescent lights- this could be a distraction for your employees.
  4. Reduce shadows by using over head lighting
  5. Understanding that different tasks require various levels of light is another important component to consider.

Building owners and managers have the potential to add value, reduce costs and enhance employee performance through the utilization of proper lighting. If your business is ready to improve its commercial electric lighting, contact Tri Star Electrics. Our company can work with your existing installation, or we can redesign a new lighting design for your space.

Commercial Electric modern lighting fixtures

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