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Home Wiring: Why You Need More Outlets

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the lack of outlets in your home? Many rooms have the bare minimum and they seem to never be in the right place. Tri Star Electric can fix all of these problems. Home wiring new outlets will make your life easier with the convenience of more strategically placed outlets. It will also make your home safer, less cluttered, and more attractive.

Home Wiring: Why You Need More Outlets

When building a home, it is common for contractors to install the minimum amount of electrical outlets per room. Tri Star Electric truly cares about each customer. We want to improve your life by paying attention to small details when home wiring, by taking each individual’s habits and needs into consideration. We have the intentionality to realize these needs and the expertise to meet them. We’re pros at home wiring and will ensure that this process meets all the safety codes and measures to make your life less stressful.

It makes life more convenient

Think of all the times that you need a charge, but the outlet is too far away. It sounds like a “first world problem”, but it disrupts your productivity. These annoyances build up and cause an inconvenience that can be easily avoided with a simple home wiring. Here are just a few ideas for areas in your home that could use additional outlets:

Kitchen island

It’s almost like the builders of your home thought you only owned a toaster and a blender. Let us add more for all your kitchen appliances along the wall or even on the side of an island. Utilize all the space you have instead of being crammed into a corner with two outlets!


Modern interior design promotes a more open floor concept using the furniture to separate areas, rather than having it shoved up against walls. This means the nearest outlets for lamps, clocks, and phone chargers seem to be a mile away. An easy fix to this problem is to install outlets on the floor for easy access.


This would be especially useful around the holidays. Think of the cute lights and decorations you could add above your fireplace with this addition.

Bathroom drawers

Additional outlets in bathrooms seem like a no brainer, but have you thought about installing them into your drawers? This prevents cluttered counter tops and cords from slipping into a wet sink.

Outdoor patio

Imagine this: all your friends and family outside on a well lit patio, with fully charged phones, listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker, and checking the score of the big football game on your outdoor TV. Sounds nice, huh? We can make it happen. Don’t forget how handy these outlets will come in during the holiday season when you’re putting up house lights!

High on wall

The nice flat screen TV on your wall would look exponentially better without draping cords coming under it connected to extension cords, am I right?

Home office

In the common household, it is not rare for one of the members to work out of home full time or partially. This probably wasn’t in the contractor’s mind when the home was being built. Make working at home less hectic with the adequate amount of outlets for all your needs and make it feel like a quality workspace.

It makes your home safer

Obviously homeowners want their home to be safe. A lot invest in security cameras or home alarm systems; but what if the danger wasn’t coming inside, but instead already in the house? Many are unaware of the dangers that come with using extension cords and power strips. We want our customers to feel 100% safe in their homes, which is why we offer home wiring to ensure their safety. Here are some concerns that may resonate with you for why additional outlets will make your home safer:

Trip hazard

The excessive use of power strips and extension cords means long cords going all over your house. This creates a dangerous environment that could cause someone to trip. This is an unnecessary concern and can be easily fixed.

Fire hazard

It’s important to use an expert when home wiring, because we know how to not overload a circuit. We can ensure that it’s safely installed to prevent fires.

Electrical burns

Power strips are not kid and pet friendly. They invite wandering fingers and paws and mouths to play with it, which can lead to serious electrical burns. Don’t risk it and fix this problem and protect your little ones.

It makes your home more attractive  

Declutter your walls, counters, bathroom, office, etc. and instantly make your home more attractive. Wires and cords everywhere are not aesthetically pleasing and throw off all other interior design. Don’t let these ugly cords distract your guests from the hard work you have put into your beautiful home!

Tri Star Electric wants you to have the most beautiful, safe, and convenient home possible. If you are interested in more outlet installations, contact us for a home wiring specific to your needs!








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