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The Importance of Green Innovation in Electrical Contracting

Commercial electrical contractors Commercial buildings account for approximately 40 percent of all energy use in the United States, putting commercial electrical contractors in a key role of helping businesses reap the benefits of green innovations and initiatives.

What are the benefits of going green?
Energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also good for a business’ bottom line. Using new technologies, forward-thinking electrical system designs and energy-efficient products and materials, businesses can save on operation and maintenance costs and build good will with their customers and employees.

How can commercial electric contractors make the most of green innovation?
Commercial electrical contractors are the experts that architects, developers and individual clients will look to for recommendations, design, installation and maintenance of turnkey solutions that maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing energy consumption. In new construction, renovation, commercial build-out or a service upgrade, electrical contractors are often called upon to work with architects, developers and general contractors beginning in the design phase to integrate energy-efficient technologies and strategies throughout the project.

Commercial electrical contractors can also bring to the table an understanding of the standards that need to be met for a building to earn special designations, such as the U.S. Building Council’s LEED certification, and tax incentives or energy credits at the local, state and federal levels.

What are some green innovations commercial electrical contractors might use?

Since 35 percent of the commercial electrical load is from interior and exterior lighting, advances in lighting systems and products can have a major impact in reducing energy consumption. Replacing incandescent lights with fluorescent fixtures or LED bulbs, reflectors, occupancy sensors, dimmers, timers or others advanced lighting controls are commonly used tools, along with strategic lighting design that marries aesthetics with functionality and increased productivity.

Contractors focus on using more efficient materials and equipment to transfer and use energy. Retrofitting buildings with smart and integrated climate, voice and data, security and safety systems; using Energy Star rated products; using wiring and devices with recycled content; using UL and IC rated fixtures; energy modeling; energy use analysis; and exploring renewable energy are all practical strategies that reduce energy consumption.

Tri Star Electric: Innovative Commercial Electrical Contractors

Tri Star Electric is a Los Angeles-based firm of licensed commercial and residential electrical contractors known for the forward-thinking approach we have taken since our business was established 40 years ago. As one of the first companies to embrace telecommunication and wireless connectivity in the technologies’ infancy, Tri Star Electric has remained committed to staying at the forefront of the industry. Our offices in California and New York handle both commercial and high-end residential projects, including new construction, commercial renovations, commercial build-outs and tenant improvements.

We offer end-to-end electrical services to provide commercial and residential clients with forward-thinking turnkey solutions for strategic energy management. As a boutique firm, we boast principal involvement in every project, paired with the resources to handle large-scale renovations and build-outs.

Call (646) 235-9129 or email today to learn about how you can avail of our leading-edge electrical services put together through unparalleled electrical expertise and world-class customer service.

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