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Industrial Electrical Contractors Los Angeles: How to Put Safety First

When industrial electrical contractors work on a project, safety is often at their utmost importance. Throughout the entire project, they are constantly thinking of how to work safe, and get the best result. Whether its home improvement or a huge commercial renovation, electrical contractors from Tri Star Electric guarantee that the project will be finished in a timely manner to ensure the customer’s happiness.

#1: Use proper care when handling tools

Power tools can be extremely sensitive, especially when used outdoors. But, even indoors they do tend to pose some threats. In addition, projects have multiple steps, and if you are not careful, you may skip some of the basic steps contractors were taught since day one. That is why Tri Star Electric always has a fully outlined plan to ensure that the tools used on the site will be handled correctly. For example, make sure to unplug your tools before washing them off after a big lawn project out in the dirt. You should also check the cord for problems every now and then. It is so easy to accidentally nick a cord, especially if it is brittle and aging. With long extension cords, instead of repairing the frays in the wire, always replace them instead. There is never a time when an electrical contractor should put quickness over safety.

#2: Always anticipate the things you cannot see

Have you ever run into a problem when dealing with indoor projects? Of course, everyone has. But, have you ever drilled directly into a water line…hopefully not! There is a time and a place for electrical contractors to do a quick demolition, but that is not always the best option when modifying a space from the inside. When handing inside residential or commercial repairs, many contractors tend to overlook the basics. Always remember that there is something on the other side of the wall. Cutting into a wall, or even hanging up a TV using drills can be dangerous without having proper knowledge of the interior layout. Sometimes, yes, it can be a simple fix if you are working on the upper floors of a building, but only experienced electrical contractors know how to be careful on ground floors or even the basements of a structure.

#3: Use caution with pressure washers

After a project is done, the sensible thing to do is clean up the entire space and go celebrate right? Nope, actually you’re still not done using safety tips! When you’re using a pressure washer or a wet-dry vacuum, you are putting yourself at even higher risk of electrocution. If these tools have any sign of tearing in the cord, that means its extremely unsafe to use, and best to put away.

At Tri Star Electric, we hold ourselves to be the best electrical contractors in Los Angeles, and we hope keep making our customers happy for years to come. It’s hard to keep every detail in mind, but safety is always and forever will be a main concern.

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