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Move to Los Angeles With Confidence | Tips for Setting Up Electrical Service in LA

Moving to the West Coast is an exciting experience, especially if you are headed to the cultural, business, and social center of Los Angeles. While there are a lot of things to think about and plan for as you approach your move date, it is essential to have the basics set up ahead of time. For instance, setting up utilities is extremely important. Waiting for water, power, and gas can mean having to push back your move-in date.

Fortunately,  SCE is an exceptional Southern California Edison that has helped millions of residents and businesses get their utilities up and running at convenient rates. To make sure you are afforded the greatest ease when setting up your new electricity, consider these tips to prepare for your move.

  • Lower Your Energy Bills Know Your Credit Score
    If you have a decent credit score and have remained in good standing with previous utility companies, you may not have to worry about putting down a deposit when you sign up with your Southern California Edison. Depending on the utility’s review of your credit, however, you may be required to submit a deposit to start a new electrical service in the LA area.Knowing your credit score and previous utility records can help you reduce the need for preparation of a deposit. Just know that you will have to pay a nominal start service fee.
  • Schedule Your Utility Switches
    With a little strategic planning, homeowners and residents can avoid having to pay multiple bills when switching utility services to a new residence. Contact your current electrical provider to ensure that your service is cut off at the right date and does not extend past your move.In addition, it is wise to schedule a turn-on date with your Southern California Edison a few weeks prior to your move. If you end up moving into your new residence early, your power will already be on!
  • Lower Your Energy Bills With Electrical Renovations
    If you have recently purchased a home, business, or residential community in Los Angeles, it is recommended that you have all electrical systems inspected to ensure the property is safe and energy-efficient. Choosing a skilled electrical contractor to conduct inspections, repairs, and renovations can help ensure that your property is outfitted with the best systems for electricity. As a result of seeking this service ahead of time, you may be able to save on future bills from your Los Angeles electric company.

Purchasing a New Property? Fix Your Electrical Service with Tri Star Electric

At Tri Star Electric, our team has helped numerous home and business owners outfit their properties with the best in electrical systems. If you have recently purchased a home or business in Los Angeles and want to equip your property with forward-moving electrical resources, we can help you cut your electrical costs with your Southern California Edison.

Start your move with confidence and reach out to our Tri Star Electric team today at (646) 235-9129 or

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