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Residential vs. Commercial Contractors

Electric contractors are specialists in designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems for homes and businesses. From repairs and renovations to new construction and upgrades, these licensed and insured professionals are responsible for ensuring the safety, efficiency and performance of electrical systems. Since businesses and personal homes have different needs, there are some differences between residential and commercial electric contractors.

Electric contractorsCommercial Contractors Handle Work on a Larger Scope and Scale
Commercial electric contractors deal with projects that usually involve more circuits and more voltage than typical residential jobs. While 110 and 220 volts A/C are typical for homes, many commercial and industrial buildings require high voltage of 600 volts A/C or more. Both residential and commercial projects may involve wiring, lighting, electrical panels, landscape lighting, climate controls, security systems and fire alarm systems, but the extra demands of business machines and large commercial or industrial equipment can add layers of complexity that a residential contractor would not usually experience.

Commercial construction, renovation or build-out can be demanding and multifaceted. Consider whether the contractor has the skills and experience to handle all aspects of the work without the need for additional or specialty sub-contractors. A commercial contractor with a broad range of services can realize substantial cost savings over a contractor who deals primarily in residential work and who needs to budget the outsourcing of project components.

Commercial Rules and Regulations Differ From Residential Requirements
Residential buildings and commercial buildings are regulated by completely different rules and electrical code requirements. If a commercial electrical project is not completed to the defined regulations, the business may be fined or even shut down until it is brought up to code.

Commercial electric contractors can also offer expertise in understanding the standards that need to be met for a building to earn special designations, tax incentives and energy credits.

Working With Architects and General Contractors
Commercial electric contractors are often more experienced than residential contractors in working with architects, developers and general contractors. They may be more skilled at approaching projects from the general contractor viewpoint, with experience in scheduling, assessing and responding to client feedback, drafting effective electrical drawings, handling the submittal process, accurately scheduling installation and managing closeout inspections.

Facing the Challenge to Go Green
Commercial buildings account for approximately 40 percent of all energy use in the United States, and businesses are increasingly realizing that energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for their bottom line. Commercial contractors are being called upon by their clients to use new technologies, forward-thinking electrical system designs and energy-efficient products and materials to help them save on operation and maintenance costs and meet state mandates for investment in energy-reducing technology.

Electric contractorsTri Star Electric is a Los Angeles-based firm of licensed electrical contractors, which has been in business for more than 40 years. We have put our forward-thinking approach to work on many of the most prestigious commercial and residential projects in New York, New Jersey, Westchester, CT and Malibu CA.

We are fully licensed, insured and committed to providing unparalleled customer service, and our experience in commercial renovations, commercial build-outs and tenant improvements is unrivaled. Tri Star Electric prides itself in being a full-service firm with principal involvement in all projects.

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