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Services an Electrical Contractor Can Provide

electrical contractors When people hear the word “contractor,” they are usually aware of the generalized services these professionals can provide in terms of new construction and renovations. However, at Tri Star Electric, we pride ourselves on providing contracting services that are specifically designed for electrical purposes for improvements, new construction projects and build-outs.

If you are shopping for electrical contractors, you may be surprised to learn the wide range of services these talented professionals can deliver. From small improvements to major installations, electricians are able to take care of the many elements that keep your business or residential property running strong. Here are just a few examples of what Tri Star Electric can offer you:

  • New Wiring for Consistent Power
    If you live or work in an older building, the electrical system may have evolved over the course of time. This means that older wires may be mixed in with newer resources behind your walls. Electrical contractors who have a strong understanding of electrical drawings and scheduling will be able to assess the layout of your property and install new wiring. These updates may not only improve the reliability of your electrical system, but also create a safer environment for all those in the building.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions
    While new wiring is a great way to improve the strength and security of your electrical system, it is also worth looking into energy-efficient solutions that can help you stretch your utility costs even further. Tri Star Electric boasts decades of experience in new lighting installations, including those that are easier on your electric bill and better for the planet. When searching electrical contractors for lighting, it is always important to find one that can provide CFL or LED lighting solutions as a more efficient solution to traditional light bulbs or fluorescent systems.
  • Voice and Data Systems
    You know that your telecommunications resources—such as computers, phones and data storage—require optimal electrical systems to run effectively. Forward-thinking contractors should not only be able to help with the electrical infrastructure to run your telecommunication needs, but also outfit your home or business with the best voice and data systems. To move toward the future, you may want to think about seeing how an electrical contractor can improve your telecommunications network to enhance connection speeds, clarity and reliability.
  • electrical contractorsFire Alarm Systems
    A great electrical services company will always make safety a priority—both in the work that it does and the environment that it creates for customers. At Tri Star Electric, we take our focus on safety a step further by providing our clients with options to install new and fast-acting fire alarm systems. These systems can be adapted to your building to help provide added defense against fire, protect anyone in the building and alert emergency personnel.

Discover Everything Electricity Can Do For You with Tri Star Electric

Top rated among U.S. electrical contractors, we are ready to help you explore the many possibilities of modern electrical services at Tri Star Electric. Focused on versatility, progressive solutions and turnkey strategies, we can work with you to meet your electrical needs within a reasonable budget and schedule. To learn more about the services mentioned above and the many others we offer contact us at (646) 235-9129 or send us a message at

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