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When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Lighting System?

electrical contractor If you feel that a lack of brightness is affecting productivity in your workplace or are tired of unreliable lights in your home, then now is a good time to contact a trustworthy electrical contractor to upgrade your lighting system.

Having served residential and commercial clients across the United States since 1973, our team at Tri Star Electric has come to understand the telltale signs that a lighting system needs to go. If you have found yourself questioning the lighting situation in your home or office, here are a few signs your current solution is not working.

  • Your Lighting Is Not Seamless
    Lighting design is a delicate art. It must brighten a room without drawing too much attention to the source of brightness. If your lighting system is becoming cumbersome, like taking too long to fully turn on or making buzzing sounds, then you may want to reach out to a professional.You may discover that the best way to fix annoying lights is to simply replace them with more reliable fixtures. With the help of a reliable electrical contractor, you could find that new wiring is the way to establish seamless lighting across your home or office.
  • Your Lighting is Costing Too Much
    It can be hard to measure what, exactly, is making your electric bill so high. Since lights are always on, it is important to consider how these systems impact your energy use. If you are using inefficient light bulbs, including fluorescent bulbs, you may be using more energy than you have to and paying more than you should.As a provider of top-notch electrical contractors to Los Angeles and beyond, Tri Star Electric can upgrade your lighting system to a more cost-effective solution. Our wide range of LED lighting systems has provided many clients with a more affordable way to light rooms and achieve a smooth balance of illumination.
  • electrical contractor Your Lighting Doesn’t Bring Your Room Together
    While lighting systems provide a very practical purpose (making things visible), they are also an essential part of interior design. When a home or office has a lighting system that stands out from the rest of the room, rather than blending it together, the whole aesthetic of the space can be off.Whether your lighting is dated or you just need fixtures for a renovation, make sure to find an electrical contractor that offers a diverse selection of designs to fit the mood you’re going for.

Lighting Systems for All Purposes

From commercial spaces to offices to residential properties, Tri Star Electric provides a versatile selection of lighting solutions to brighten your rooms with confidence. If you are searching for an electrical contractor that not only offers exceptional lighting solutions, but can also offer end-to-end installation services, contact our team today at (646) 235-9129 or


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